• passion : créer
  • This is ROM AG:
    a family business founded in 1961 which is run by Paul Rom in second generation.

    a reliable partner for furniture trade, represented at 4 production sites by around 900 employees.

    a successful international player in the furniture sector who sells more than 30,000 sets made of fabric or leather to more than 20 countries worldwide every year.

  • Yes, we do produce upholstery...
    and we make highest demands when it comes to our work:

    we consequently question our products' added value,

    we continuously find better solutions,

    we strongly believe in our ideas and design,

    we creatively maintain our independence,

    we obviously see our customers as partners,

    and we constantly keep an eye on our shared success.

    This is why we are one of Europe's most innovative furniture manufacturers today!

  • passion : créer
  • What makes us unique:

  • passion : créer
  • We custom build multi-variant upholstery in order for the end customer to find precisely their dream sofa.

  • 1 - Greatest variety

  • From individual furniture to individual comfort - we make the customer's personal wishes come true and offer customized solutions!
    Corina Seuwen, Marketing

  • Our precise 3D configuration supports sellers and facilitates the end customer's purchase decision.


  • The end customer is convinced, if he can play the lead in choosing his sofa. Our product configurator is his tool. It allows him to design his sofa step by step while looking at the choice he made in real time.
    Rosemarie Dawir, Back Office

  • 3 - Latest technology

  • Our market-leading fittings and technologies guarantee an ideal comfort experience to each end customer.

  • We make your sofa more intelligent. Those who are looking for more than just a "seat", can upgrade their sofa for a more modern and digital lifestyle.
    Florian Leppers, IT

  • We match our sales strategy with each market and thereby support our clients in order for all of us to grow successfully.

    A high-quality sales network is essential for our products that seek to add value in order to present them successfully and to show their strengths.

    Contact us today, if you would like to become a part of our dynamic sales network.